ReaSea Project: Making Sustainable Plastics a Priority at MHO Containers

Plastic pollution in our oceans is a modern-day crisis. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch – the mass of plastic waste in the Northern Pacific Ocean – now covers an area nearly twice the size of Texas. And without mitigation, this environmental hazard will continue to grow.

In fact, an estimated 1.15 to 2.41 million tons of plastic enter the oceans each year, according to a 2017 study.

Reducing our plastic footprint is a No. 1 priority in the fight to protect our oceans. And that’s something MHO Containers is taking to heart.

As a company, we’ve made reducing ocean plastic waste a top goal. Here’s how we’re doing it:

  • MHO Containers is expanding its products made from sustainable plastics. We recently launched a hemp plastic jar.
  • We’ve partnered with ReSea Project – an ocean waste cleanup organization – to remove more than 5,500 pounds of ocean plastic waste from our oceans.

We wanted to set a big goal to highlight our commitment to reducing ocean plastic waste. The amount of plastic ReSea will remove on our behalf is equivalent to more 500,000 single-use plastic bags! Not only are we thrilled to be supporting plastic clean-up projects, we’re also excited to continue to make our wholesale containers and packaging more eco-friendly.  

Partnering with ReSea to Remove Plastics from the Oceans

ReSea Project is an organization based in Denmark that has a unique ocean plastics clean-up model. We’re proud to count ReSea as a partner.

Here’s how its system works:

ReSea contracts fishermen in developing countries. Right now, the organization is focused on clean-up efforts in Indonesia’s Java Sea. These fishermen are paid to collect waste from the ocean, which ReSea Project then works to clean and recycle.

Yet, the project goes beyond clean-up: ReSea also works to find markets for ocean plastics and recycle this plastic. For MHO Containers, partnering with ReSea Project is an exciting endeavor.

We can help to support ocean clean-up efforts, while supporting fishermen and workers in the developing world. Through this partnership, MHO Containers is able to invest and commit to significant clean-up.

Reducing Waste with Recycled and Sustainable Plastics  

In addition to the ReSea project, MHO Containers is increasing its products made from alternative and recycled plastics.

Our sustainable plastics product line up continues to expand. In addition to our hemp bioplastic jars, we also offer empty lip balm tubes made from 30% post-industrial recycled plastics.

We’re Committed to Sustainable Plastics

Bottom line, MHO Containers is excited about the potential of these two initiatives.

Using more recycled and bioplastics is a key strategy in reducing the global plastic footprint. Plus, ocean clean-up projects will not only remove harmful waste from the seas, but the waste is also reused, increasing the amount of post-consumer material used in plastic product packaging.