Empty refillable lip balm tubes. White lip balm tubes.
empty lip balm tube with dimensions
empty lip balm tube with product features
DIY ideas for refillable lip balm containers
set of 50 refillable lip balm tubes in front of bag
empty 0.15oz lip balm tube with white cap

Empty Lip Balm Tubes - White, Blank, 0.15oz - 50 Count

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Our empty lip balm tubes are made from 30% post-industrial recycled material and are paraben-free and BPA-free.

These DIY lip balm containers are perfect for: 

  • Perfect containers for DIY lip balm. Included is a set of 50 count white plastic lip balm tubes with caps. The bottom assembly comes with a roll-up mechanism with a snap-on cap. These tubes are similar to traditional lip balm tubes and provide a clean and professional look to your products.
  • Many uses including natural lip balms, glosses, or lipsticks. Try them with beeswax and essential oil-based formulas as they are extremely adaptable to any lip balm-making crafts. Many other possibilities include sunscreens, salves, lubricants.
  • Save time and money by purchasing in bulk. Included in the purchase is a re-sealable bag for easy storage and organization. Great price for the number of recycled tubes received. Utilize these tubes for do-it-yourself projects, add your own label or resell your branded products.
  • Disclaimer: Assembled in a semi-sterile environment with gloves and packaged in a resealable bag. Do not microwave, boil, autoclave, dishwasher, or fill with extremely hot or corrosive contents. The containers and the caps arrive unassembled for easy filling.